I really like good music, pastel colors, coloring my hair, cute things and Baekhyun.
I also tend to make a lot of text posts, just so you know.

Don't forget to feed the fish before you leave!


Det er skummelt, men må bare stole på at politiet gjør jobben sin I guess! Håper alt går fint på reisen, går sikkert helt fint :)

Yehh truu! Takk ^^


Stay safe! ^^ where are you going out of the country?

Going to Stockholm, Sweden ^^ thanks :)

I’m kind of relieved I’m going out of the country on Monday. It’s not everyday that the most important airports, train stations etc are heavily guarded by armed police here in Norway.. Even the border to Sweden is really guarded rn.. It’s scary.. Can’t believe there’s actually a terrorist threat against us rn..

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  • What’s more beautiful than his smile ? *~*

kyungsoo: writer-nim! writer-nim!
jongin: bruh I thought you had amnesia

so cute (●´ω´)

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Baekhyun taking Selcas

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